Tailored Administrative & Executive Services for Any Business.

Facilities Management

Facilities management services ensure the efficient operation and maintenance of an owned or leased warehouse, office, shop or other building, including cleaning, facilities admin, and lease compliance, to enhance the overall productivity, comfort and smooth operation for the space.

General Administation

General Administration services allow businesses to offload and streamline non-core business functions such as document management, secretarial and reception services, data entry and record keeping, or internal accounting assistance. This can be anything from a simple set of regular tasks up to a fully outsourced administration department.

Managed Services & Vendors

Managed Services & Vendors provide an opportunity for businesses to outsource and streamline third party functions such as IT, HR and other operational functions. This can involve vendor sourcing and management, contract negotiations, performance monitoring and process integration.

Corporate Administration

Corporate Administration services take care of corporate governance, compliance, and other non-operational corporate matters. This includes management of corporate requirements, liaison with third parties, and stakeholder communications, ensuring the business stays compliant while you focus on growth.

About Creative Logic Global

Creative Logic Global is a reputable provider of tailored administrative and executive services for businesses of any size. Our expert team offers a wide range of solutions, including general administration management, corporate management and administration, managed IT services, and facilities management.

We help companies minimise administration overhead by providing scalable services that fit their specific needs, allowing them to benefit from our economy of scale and avoid growing their payroll to take care of simpler needs.

Headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, we serve clients globally via our hybrid team located in Australia, Asia, and North America. This means we’re able to operate and provide support around the clock, catering to clients anywhere in the world.

Leading Creative Logic Global is Managing Director, Stuart Morton-Wild, a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in various industries such as marketing, education, health, entertainment, IT project management, strategy consulting, and design. Stuart’s track record counts senior roles in established smaller and larger firms, as well as many successful entrepreneurial ventures. Having led teams of all sizes, and offering a wealth of experience in building and transforming systems and processes, Stuart understands the need for bespoke services that efficiently integrate with your firm so you can focus on growth.

At Creative Logic Global, we pride ourselves on delivering high-integrity, flexible services to our clients. If this sounds like a good for your team, contact us to find out more.

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